Benefits to Environment:

    Tests show that storm water can penetrate EV PAVER at the rate of 2 inches per minute.  Therefore the EV PAVER benefits the environment by:

• Preventing storm water run off, and increase the underground water supply

• Preventing soil erosion caused by storm water run off

• Preventing solid waste from entering rivers, ocean and underground water supply

Benefits in  LEED Certification:

     As a highly permeable paver,  EV PAVER may help contractors in claiming the following  LEED points. According to research report (“Permeable Paver Research Summary”,  Lake County Forest Preserves, 2003), permeable paver Qualifies for:

Credit 6 LEED:  Limits disruption of natural water flows by  minimizing storm water runoff, increases on-site infiltration, and reduces contaminants, and

Credit 7 LEED:  Reduces heat island affect (light colored pavers).

    By using EV Paver, your project may also be eligible for the following  LEED credits:

SS Credit 5.1 Site Development: Protect or Restore Habitat

     Since EV Paver are delivered to the jobsite ready to set, they require very minimal site disturbance to install.

GIB Credit 6 Green Infrastructure & Buildings: Minimize Site Disturbance in Design and Construction

EV Paver install in small footprint and can utilize existing utilities, minimizing site disturbance.

For more information on obtaining  LEED credits, please visit the stormwater management section at  

The Advantage of EV PAVER’s  Ceramic-Based Pavers

• The compressive is 10545  p.s.i., the highest in the Industry

• It will not lose permeability when the gaps are clogged

• Because it is ceramic-based, its color will not fade over time

• Easy maintenance:  It can be easily power washed