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About EV Paver,  supplier of true pervious paver

Parking Lot, Norwalk, CA

New project picture: Parking Lot, Norwalk, CA

      EV Paver supplies ceramic based pervious pavers, which are also called permeable pavers.  Our pavers have a full penetrating surface that allows rainwater to go through at the rate of 2 inch/min (0.5 inch/min when the gaps are fully clogged).  Since EV PAVER is in fact a pervious paver and does not require large gaps or  "open holes" to achieve permeability, it will not lose permeability when the gaps get clogged by dirt.  On the contrary, other permeable pavers will lose permeability once the gaps are clogged. 

    Our 2nd generation EV  pavers are made by the largest ceramic pervious/permeable paver factory in the world.  It’s 1365ft  long  ceramic roller kiln is the longest in the industry. The production line is computer controlled and fully automated.  Unlike the 1st generation EV Paver, which is limited in size and shape, and could not have side spacer bars  due to equipment limitations,  the 2nd generation EV paver can have larger sizes, more shape selections such as hexagon, and can have side spacer bars.

   The 2nd generation ceramic pervious/permeable pavers are made from recycled ceramic and clay.

    EV Paver is a division of EV Materials Corp., which is  based in Anaheim, CA.   Our 17,000 SF warehouse is conveniently located near I-5, 57 and 91 highway. We ship to all 50 states and  Canada.

Difference between Permeable Pavers and Pervious Pavers

   Pervious paver and permeable paver often are used interchangeably by professionals without regard to their unique characteristics. They are, however, not the same.

    Pervious pavers allow rainwater to percolate through the paver surface rather than going through void spaces between pavers. As water runs through, the pavers filter urban pollutants. Like grass, pervious pavers let the ground below breathe. These pavers also allow tree roots and their supporting microbes to interact.  

    Permeable pavers are different from pervious pavers in that rainwater passes around the paver as opposed to going  through it.  Void spaces filled with aggregates are required between pavers to allow water to filter through.  Once the void spaces are filled with mud,  costly maintenance is required to clean out the spaces and refill the spaces with fresh aggregates.  

  EV paver is a true pervious paver.  The only maintenance required for  EV paver would be  power washing when it becomes necessary.

A 12"X12" ceramic pervious paver

A 12"X12" EV Paver